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Tips for Preventing Water Damage with a Proper Land Grade in Lancaster, NY

August 31, 2019 Published by Leave your thoughts

Grading your property is an important part of protecting your home and preventing water damage to your yard and foundation. The idea with a proper land grade in Lancaster, NY is to have precipitation flow away from your home rather than toward it, so you can prevent issues with moisture and water damage. With this in mind, here are some of the key steps you can take to properly grade your yard: Find the utilities: Make sure you know where all the utility lines are located on your property, and mark them with flags or streaks of paint. This includes... View Article

Things to Consider When Hiring a Land Grading Contractor

January 2, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Land grading in Erie County, NY has to do with the sculpting and removing dirt to ensure proper water drainage in an area. It’s usually one of the first steps in the construction process of a new structure. After all, you don’t want your new building to flood after a rainstorm! Land grading may seem like it’d be an easy task. It’s just moving dirt, right? In fact, land grading in Erie County, NY is a complicated process that requires the right team of professionals to get the job done right the first time. Keep reading to learn what to... View Article

Is Land Grading in Lancaster, NY Right for Your Yard?

October 30, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you purchase a home, you probably put a lot of thought into what it looks like on the outside, what its structural integrity is like and whether there are any major functional or cosmetic issues that will need to be addressed. Even the most detail-oriented homebuyer might miss a few important details and forget to ask questions that might come up later. Although the grading and slope of the area surrounding your house might not seem like the most pressing issue, it is actually a really important matter. If the land surrounding your house is not sloped properly, you... View Article