Is Land Grading in Lancaster, NY Right for Your Yard?

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When you purchase a home, you probably put a lot of thought into what it looks like on the outside, what its structural integrity is like and whether there are any major functional or cosmetic issues that will need to be addressed. Even the most detail-oriented homebuyer might miss a few important details and forget to ask questions that might come up later.

Although the grading and slope of the area surrounding your house might not seem like the most pressing issue, it is actually a really important matter. If the land surrounding your house is not sloped properly, you can experience major issues with flooding, water damage and structural compromise. You should determine how much of a slope is necessary to protect your foundation and consider whether it’s a good idea to invest in land grading in Lancaster, NY.

Determining your land’s slope

Before you are able to decide whether you need land grading in Lancaster, NY, you will need to establish your land’s current slope. The recommended grade for homes is a 5 percent slope rate, or about six inches within the first 10 feet that extends out from your foundation. You can measure the slope of your land fairly easily with a couple of stakes, a tape measure, some string and a string level. Tie one end of your string around the first stake and then place it into the ground near your foundation and secure the string at ground level. Next, tie the other end of the string around the second stake and place it in the ground 10 feet down the slope from your first stake. Next, adjust the string on the second stake so that it is level, and then measure how far the string on the second stake is from the ground. It should be about six inches, for a slope of roughly 5 percent.

How to tell if you need to re-grade

A slope measurement of six inches or more is ideal for a home, and you won’t have to worry about re-grading if your slope is at or above this measurement. If, however, your slope does not meet this standard, it is a good idea to invest in land grading in Lancaster, NY. Grading your land can protect your home’s foundation from flooding and water damage, so it’s important to get this service done as soon as possible to make sure your slope is sufficient.

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