Commercial Septic Tank Systems in Lancaster, NY

Problems with your commercial septic tank systems can become very bad, very fast. A tank experiencing problems will create everything from backflow to foul smells and more, which can leave you closing the doors to your establishment for days or weeks. It’ll impact your reputation and bottom line.

Macken Services, Inc. is proud to be a trusted septic service provider and grease trap maintenance specialist for commercial customers throughout the area. Whether you run an office building or a restaurant, we’re your partner for septic maintenance and repairs. We help customers prevent nasty septic problems from arising and keep your facilities in proper working order at all times.

Septic Services

Commercial septic tank systems in Lancaster, Erie County, and Buffalo, NY need the same types of maintenance as residential ones, in different intervals and capacities. We’ll help your business stay on schedule for services like pumping and cleaning, to keep it functioning flawlessly.

If there is a problem, waste no time in calling our pros. We’ll get to the bottom of it fast and resolve it entirely, so you can avoid messy, smelly troubles that end up costing your business.

Grease Trap Maintenance

For restaurants and other food processing facilities, grease trap cleaning in Lancaster, NY is paramount. Cleaning fats, oils and greases (FOG) out of your traps is the key to preventing backups and malfunctions, which could cost your facility a hefty sum to fix. We’ll pump your trap in regular intervals and provide any peripheral cleaning and maintenance services as the need arises.

Your Commercial Partner

Whether it’s septic maintenance or grease trap cleaning, make Macken Services, Inc. your partner for reliable services when you need them. We go above and beyond to serve our commercial customers with unparalleled service, and we stand by all of the work we do. Contact us today at 716-683-0704 to schedule an appointment for residential and commercial septic system repairs and more.

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