The Worst Things To Put Into Your Septic Tank

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The Worst Things To Put Into Your Septic Tank

There are many things to consider when it comes to keeping your septic system in good working condition. The main thing is to avoid sending things down your drain that can damage the bacteria in your septic tank that break down waste.

Antibacterial Soap

While these products may be better than plain soap and water at preventing germ illnesses in healthcare settings, they don’t perform as well outside those settings. In the case of your septic system, these products contain chemicals that can interfere with the natural microorganisms in your system, which can lead to blockages and other problems. These products can also cause the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is bad for your health. And, not to mention, they can also make it harder for your septic system to break down waste, which means you may have to pay more to have the system repaired in the future.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Although feminine hygiene products can pass through municipal water systems, they do not break down as quickly as you would expect them to in a septic system. As such, they will stay in the tank and cause it to fill up more quickly than usual. This can eventually result in you having to have your septic system pumped out, which is not only expensive but also potentially dangerous for the environment and health of those who are living with you.


Grease is one of the most dangerous materials to put into your septic tank. It can easily clog your drain pipes and septic system and eventually lead to sewage overflows and backups. It’s best to dispose of grease by pouring it into a glass jar or empty tin can that you can then throw away. Also, try and wipe your pans down with paper towels before you wash them in the sink to minimize any grease that may clog your plumbing and pipes.


One of the worst things you can put into your septic tank is medication. This includes chemotherapy drugs that are used for cancer treatment, but can also include things like aspirin and ibuprofen. Some medications can interfere with the natural bacterial ecosystem inside your septic tank and make it hard for the bacteria to work. This can lead to clogs and preventable pumping costs.

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