When Do You Need Storm Drain Cleaning?

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Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you understand that it is important to take care of your property and keep things in order. One of the things that are commonly overlooked is storm drain maintenance. If a storm drain is left unattended, it can cause serious issues, including the restriction of the flow of water, which can lead to flooding. For this reason, it is important to clean your storm drain regularly. If you wonder, "How often should I drain my storm drain?", the answer is once a year. 

What Are the Benefits of Professional Annual Storm Drain Cleaning?

The benefits of doing an annual cleaning of your storm drain are the following: 

  • Preventing the appearance of ice patches. Annual cleaning helps guide water into storm drains, which prevents the appearance of ice patches on driveways, roadways, and sidewalks. Ice patches can create dangerous conditions and increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 
  • Preventing water contamination. A clean and well-maintained storm drain helps prevent the contamination of drinking water sources and local waterways. 
  • Avoiding infrastructural damage. If a storm drain is not cleaned regularly, it might get clogged, and the water that backs up from it can cause serious infrastructural damage. The damage can be very serious and cause thousands of dollars to fix. Moreover, it makes a property unsafe. 
  • Improving the visual appeal of a property. A clean storm drain helps your property direct excess water and increase its visual appeal. Properties with clean and well-maintained storm drains look more beautiful, wildlife-friendly, and sustainable. 

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