Troubleshooting Septic Tank Problems

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Avoiding common septic tank problems and keeping maintenance up to date are the best ways to keep problematic instances low. The following are some of the most frequent septic system issues and what you can do now to prevent them.

Break Down From Hazardous Chemicals

Septic systems can become damaged when homeowners do not use the proper cleaning agents, and when using items or tools not meant to be used in a specific system. These chemicals can eat away vital components, weakening the septic system and causing it to fill faster.

Slow Draining Due To Clogs

Clogs are another issue in septic systems, especially when non-biodegradable items are allowed to be introduced into those systems. Eventually, the problem causes sinks and drains to drain slowly until they eventually stop working properly altogether. You can prevent that issue by monitoring what goes into the system and disallowing non-biodegradable materials to be discarded there.

Drainfield Damage

Damage to the drainfieldĀ is another common issue that occurs in septic systems. It usually happens because of structures on the drainfield, and nothing should be placed close to the drainfield.

Damage From Tree Roots

Septic tank damage from street roots often happens as well. The best way to avoid those problems from occurring is to consider the root system when you plant trees. Avoid planting trees anywhere near the septic system so that you can eliminate the problem immensely.

Non-Degradable Items Inside the Tank

Having non-biodegradable materialĀ in the tank is both a standalone issue as well as a problem that comes because of the situation. Almost everyone can appreciate a good tip. Therefore, we will explain some of the items that should not go down the drain. These items include paper towels, sanitary napkins, tampons, toys, and other solid items.

You can preserve the integrity of your system by following the tips mentioned above. The tactics may help to extend the amount of time you have with a well-working system. If you have any inquires about cleaning or need help with repairs, you should reach out to a professional company.

A reliable provider can come to your home or office and inspect the septic system to ensure all working components are functioning as they should. The provider may also perform repairs on the system if such is necessary. For the best results, have someone check your system every year for efficiency.

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