Septic System Problems Over the Holidays

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The holidays are a time of great joy and togetherness, and they are also a time when certain catastrophes happen. Septic problems during the holidays are an example of the trouble you might see. Here’s some information on winter septic system problems and what you can do immediately to solve them if they happen to you.

Common Winter Septic System Problems

A variety of issues happen with septic tanks in the wintertime. These are some of the most frequent things that people see happening:

Frozen Tanks

Winter Septic Tank ProblemsĀ are a leading issue to consider in the winter. They get frozen sometimes when temperatures drop and snow falls. When that happens, the process of breaking down waste and passing it along gets disturbed.


Sometimes compacted snow can cause clogs, making the soil compact and leaving the system more prone to freezing. That issue will then cause clogs that require an expert to dislodge.

Pumping Issues

Wintertime weather sometimes makes it difficult to pump waste from the septic tanks. The mixture of snow and frozen ground makes it almost impossible to dig during this time. For that reason, one of the best tips is to pump the tank the moment it starts to get full and not wait until the coldest part of the winter to do it.

Common Fall Septic System Problems

Septic systems experience problems in the fall months as well. One common problem is that tree branches seem to get stuck within the system. A large amount of solid waste appears to accumulate in these systems during the fall months as well. Septic lines also tend to have leaks during this time of the year.

Fall SepticĀ Tips and Winter Septic Tips

These are some combined fall and winter tips you can use to keep your personal septic system in top shape, even during the most challenging times:

Order a Porta Potty

If you want to prevent issues during the holidays, you can always rent a porta-potty. That will allow your septic system to rest while your family, friends, and guests enjoy the comforts of having a portable potty whenever they need to use the restroom.

Get Your System Pumped

Getting your septic system pumped on a regular schedule is important. This will prevent a detrimental accumulation of waste that often occurs during certain months. Keeping up with septic system maintenance will save you lots of money.

Give Your Septic System a Break

Allow your septic system to rest a little bit by cutting down water usage for a few days or not using the dishwasher for some time. You could also cut down on the laundry loads, allowing the system to get a break from working so hard.

Who To Call for Septic System Issues

If you have any problems with your septic system, you’ll need to consider contacting a professional company that can help you with the issue. These types of professionals can perform septic tank preventative maintenance and assist with emergencies if some arise.

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