Signs of Septic Tank Failure

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While septic tanks are invaluable in homes, they can fail due to a lack of maintenance and other factors. Septic tank failures are detrimental because they pollute the environment and jeopardize human and animal life. Also, they can be costly, and you incur huge repair bills. As a homeowner, you should be alert to the symptoms of failure and contact a septic professional to handle it. Below are seven signs of septic tank failure.

Water Buck up

Among the most apparent signs of septic tank failure is water backing up. A failing or full septic tank returns wastewater to the source since it has nowhere to go. As such, you may notice wastewater backing up in your sinks, drains, and toilets.

Bad Odors

Septic tank smells are both disgusting and annoying. If you detect strong sewer smells in your home and yard, your septic tank may be failing. The rotten egg smell indicates a weak link in your sewer system, allowing sewer gases to escape. Prolonged exposure to sewer gases can cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, and poor memory and concentration.

Unusual Lush Grass

When bright green and lush grass is desirable, it can signal septic tank failure, especially when concentrated over the septic tank and drain field. It shows that wastewater, a natural fertilizer, leaks onto the surface and facilitates growth. This type of grass is lusher than other areas of your yard and thrives even in dry weather.

Slow Drains

You may notice that your bathroom or kitchen sink drains water slowly. If only one sink is affected, perhaps its drain is clogged. However, if all your sinks and shower drains have a similar problem, your septic tank may be the culprit. You may have clogs due to tree roots or foreign objects, your tank may be full, or your system may be failing.

Gurgling Sounds

Homeowners may hear strange gurgling noises in their plumbing system, especially toilets and drains. These sounds may indicate a clogged drain line, vent pipe, or a faulty septic system.

Water Pools in the Yard

Signs of septic tank failure are evident both inside and outside your home. You may see puddles of water in your yard or drain field, though it hasn’t rained for some time. The water pools may signal septic issues, including a full tank, damaged pipes, or a drain field problem. Since stagnant wastewater poses a health hazard and hurts your landscaping, it should be addressed immediately.

Contaminated Water Wells

Septic tank failures are notorious for contaminating nearby water sources. Wastewater pollution can cause algae blooms and high coliform levels in well water. Wastewater fuels algae growth and increases coliform bacteria and nitrates in well water and other water sources.

Septic failure leads to the release of untreated sewage in problematic areas such as the surface, groundwater, and backup in buildings. Regular maintenance and proper use are the best ways to prevent septic tank failure. When you detect the above signs of septic tank failure, call Macken Service Inc. at (716) 683-0704. We have over five decades of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining septic systems. We deal with all stinky septic tank problems, so you stay worry-free.

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