The Most Common Septic System Repair Problems

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An issue with your septic system can make your life frustrating. From slow drains to nasty odors, your home can quickly become uninhabitable. The guide below highlights common issues with the septic system and how to fix them.

Slow Drains

If it takes a long time to empty your shower, tub, or sink, something is blocking your inlet pipes connected to the septic tank. Use a septic tank treatment that is septic friendly to clear your pipes of any blockages.

Gurgling Sounds From the Plumbing System

Gurgling noises from your sink, pipes, and toilet indicate your inlet line is clogged or the drain field is failing. To fix it, use a sewer auger or plunger to clear whatever debris is blocking the pipe.

Nasty Odor

If you notice a smell resembling rotten eggs or sewage coming from your drains, it means the tank’s bacteria has been reduced and is no longer digesting waste as it should. You can use a septic-friendly tank treatment or call a professional to address the issue.

Backed-Up Toilets

One of the major causes of toilet backups is an overloaded drain field or tank. When this happens, get in touch with a plumber for assistance.

Drain Field Failure

Have you noticed wet patches of lush green grass on your lawn? This indicates the tank isn’t keeping up with the right digestion rate, leading to an overfill. You need septic tank repair from a professional who can eliminate the clog causing your tank to overfill.

Well Water Testing Indicates High Levels of Nitrates or Coliform

If you use water from a well and test it only to discover coliform or nitrates, it means wastewater has leaked and contaminated the water. Treat your system with septic tank treatment and give your family peace of mind.

Increased Water Usage

Using more water than your tank can handle may lead to hydraulic overload. This can cause wastewater backups or a pond on your lawn. Use a septic tank treatment to prevent excess water from flooding your system.

Using Harmful Cleaning Products

Cleaning products with harsh chemicals can kill useful bacteria in the septic tank, preventing the tank from working effectively. Avoid this problem by using less harsh cleaning ingredients.

Tree Roots Infiltrating the Pipes

Tree roots within your property can infiltrate the septic tank, cracking the tank walls or penetrating the pipes. The solution is to bring in a professional who can identify the trees posing a risk to your system and suggest a solution.

Improper Tank Installation

If the tank wasn’t installed well, you could face a lot of issues, including health hazards. Bring a professional in to do a percolation test to see if the ground conditions are ideal for draining wastewater.

Old Tank

Most septic tanks last between 20 and 30 years. If your tank has seen better days, install a new one.

Septic System Backup

When wastewater rises high enough to the point of pushing sewage back to your inlet pipes, it means you have a blockage issue preventing the proper flow of water. You can use a septic tank treatment or hire a professional to clear the blockage.

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