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Macken Services in Lancaster, NY, is the premier provider of commercial plumbing services in western New York. Commercial plumbing often undergoes far more wear and tear than residential plumbing.

People use the facilities and plumbing services with no particular regard to maintaining a clean plumbing system. The general disregard for plumbing conditions makes it easy for system problems to arise quickly.

You might have a clogged sink, toilet, or pipes that you need rapid clog removal. You also might have a more serious problem, such as a broken pipe that needs emergency plumbing repair. We can take care of virtually any emergency plumbing issue that might arise at your commercial establishment and fix it the right way.

Commercial Plumbing Installation, System Cleaning, and Maintenance

Family-owned Macken Services has more than 50 years of experience satisfying our customers’ commercial plumbing needs. Our professional plumbers and services include installing and repairing commercial plumbing systems as well as residential systems.

We can install, maintain, and repair septic tanks and septic systems to ensure the best possible flow and good service. If you have leaking toilets and faucets, our team of experienced and professional plumbers can fix the problem and help to prevent it from recurring.

Our plumbing support services include full system cleaning and maintenance to identify potential plumbing problems before they arise at your place of business. We can inspect and maintain:

  • Septic systems and tanks.
  • Storm drains and catch basins.
  • Grease traps in restaurants.
  • Leach fields and sand filters.
  • Sinks, faucets, and toilets.

There are virtually no limits to the highly professional commercial plumbing support services that we provide for our commercial and residential clients.

New Septic System Installation Service

If you are planning to open a new business and are in the construction phase, we can help to design and install an effective and efficient commercial septic system, including all of the plumbing and fixtures. We can grade and landscape your property to ensure the best possible septic service and install all lines, tanks, and filtration systems so that you have an ideal septic system for your commercial needs.

Our annual maintenance and inspections can monitor backflow and identify any possible issues that might arise. Four seasons of western New York weather can be brutal on septic systems. Our professional team can help to stop sewage backups and plumbing problems that might occur due to deep freezes, tree roots, or excessive amounts of rainfall that lead to localized flooding.

Contact Us to Learn More and Schedule a Service or Consultation

Our commercial septic and plumbing maintenance and cleaning services are the best in western New York and very affordable. You can call family-owned Macken Services in Lancaster by dialing (716) 683-0704 to learn more. We are open from noon to midnight every day of the year except for major holidays, and we accept payment via cash, checks, major credit cards, and debit cards.

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