7 Questions a Home Buyer Should Ask About a Septic System

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More often than not, homeowners won’t have any problems with septic systems. However, before you purchase a home with a septic system, it is important to equip yourself with information regarding the system to ensure you aren’t out more money than necessary and for future reference if you do purchase the property.

#1: Where Is the Septic Tank Located?

If you are not familiar with the property, the location of the septic tank is one of the most important questions to ask the previous homeowner or realtor. You need to know where the septic tank is located for when you have it inspected or repaired. In addition, if you are considering adding to the house, the septic tank may need to be moved, depending on its location.

#2: Where Is the Riser Access to the Tank or the Tank Lid Located?

Riser access to the tank or the tank lid is necessary when the time comes for septic tank pumping or septic maintenance.

#3: Can a Secondary Leach Field Be Added?

As a general rule, previous septic system plans will show where a potentially secondary leach field can be placed. If necessary, you can reach out to the local health or building departments to see if they have a copy of the septic plans for the property. It is always important for there to be sufficient room for another leach field in the event that the existing one fails.

#4: Where Do I Access the Filter?

Some septic tanks do not have a filter, but it is important to know the location of the filter access if your system does have a filter. This access will be used to check the filter and clean it.

#5: How Old Is the Entire Septic System, Including the Tank, the Drain or Leach Field and the Filter?

This is a very important question to ask about any septic system, as the age of the tank, the drain or leach field and the filter will help inform you of approximately when maintenance, repair, and replacement will be necessary.

#6: When Was the Last Septic Tank Pumping?

Septic tank pumping is necessary for septic systems to ensure their optimal efficiency and longevity. Therefore, you not only want to find out when the last pumping occurred, but you also need to ask how often the previous homeowners had the tank pumped. This information will help you identify if the tank was properly maintained and how well you can expect it to function.

Don’t forget to also find out who the company that previously pumped the septic tank was, as they may be able to help with questions regarding the system itself, maintenance, etc. If desired, it can also save you from finding your own company to work with in the future.

#7: Has the Tank or Leach Field Previously Leaked or Undergone Repairs?

Find out if the tank or leach field has previously undergone any repairs or is susceptible to leaking. If the answer is yes, you want to find out when, where, and why. This information can help you better determine the condition of the septic system.

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