Septic Tank: 5 Signs Yours Needs Emptying

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The septic tank is an essential addition to your plumbing system. It eliminates waste, primarily through a natural filtering process of the soil. An excellent septic tank offers environmental, public health, and economic benefits, including eliminating pollution, reducing the risk of diseases, and minimizing energy costs. Yet, it will reach a time when you need to empty it. The following are the tell-tale signs to unload your septic tank.

Pooling Waters

You’ll likely notice pooling water, particularly around the septic tank drain field. Increased pools of water show that the septic tank is either overflowing or leaking. You’ll conclude that it is an overflow if there has been no rain in the recent past.

An overflowing septic tank implies that solid waste has reached capacity. This solid waste will clog the drain pipes, forcing the liquid to the surface. This liquid will overflow the septic tank, reaching the surface in the long run.

Unusual Odors

The septic tank hosts wastewater and solid waste from your plumbing system. All the wastewater on your property finds its way to this septic tank, resulting in an unpleasant smell. This smell becomes evident once the septic tank reaches its capacity. It could also signify leakage.

Suppose you get this unpleasant smell. In that case, it would be best to get a professional to handle the issue. This expert will determine whether the tank is leaking or full.

Strange Gurgling Sounds

Unusual gurgling sounds could signify septic tank issues. This sound will come from various plumbing system parts, including when flushing the toilet. If this sound becomes consistent, it would be best to check how full your septic tank is.

In addition, you will experience significant difficulties when flushing the toilet. It will either be a struggle to flush the toilet or a weak flush. In either case, it signifies the need to empty your septic tank. Slow drains will also be prevalent. These slow drains show that your system is either clogged or full.

A Green Lawn

Everyone looks forward to a healthy lawn. However, sometimes, it could signal a problem with your septic tank. An overflowing septic tank will produce manure to keep your lawn green and healthy. If there is a sudden change, in this case, you might want to empty the tank. While this could be a positive development, it shows that your system is leaching liquids.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backup is significantly gross. Yet, it is among the most obvious signs that you need to empty your septic tank pronto. Ensure that you check for sewer backups, particularly in the lowest drains. This will include basement bathrooms. As soon as you notice this problem, engage a professional.

Septic maintenance and emptying require extensive skills, expertise, and equipment. Only a professional can help. Does my septic tank need emptying? Reach out to Macken Services, Inc. and get a free quote. Our technicians are available at all times, meaning you can reach us whenever there is an emergency. You can also call us on (716)683-0704 or (716)741-0003.

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