Don’t Fall for a Drain Cleaning Scam

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It’s a sad reality that some service companies will try to scam their customers while performing drain work. These scammers will try to convince customers their drains require more work than necessary, which could end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Most homeowners don’t have extensive knowledge about drain systems, and scammers will try and take advantage of this. That’s why we’ve provided a helpful guide on how to avoid a drain cleaning scam.

Keep an eye on your service provider

Some scammers have developed efficient techniques when it comes to tricking customers. For example, it might be the job of one service provider to distract you while another damages your drain system in some way. They’ll then try to convince you that those damages have been there all along. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on all service providers in your home. If there’s more than one service provider, consider having a friend or family member keep an eye on one while you talk to the other.

Be wary of video inspections

Sometimes determining the cause of a drain problem requires the use of a video inspection. Scammers sometimes use prerecorded footage to trick customers into believing there’s something wrong with their drainage system. If your service provider wants to use a video inspection, ask them to record near the sewer clean-out area, which you should easily be able to identify.

Pay attention to their questions

Some scammers try to take advantage of certain people, including the elderly and people living alone. Pay attention to the questions your service provider asks, and make sure none of them sound suspicious. Examples of suspicious questions include: “Are you the only one living here?” and “Do you have visitors often?”

If you get a bad impression from a service provider, it might be best to contact someone else. Trusting your instincts is never a bad thing, especially when trying to avoid a drain cleaning scam.

Work with a reputable drain service professional

Don’t let a scammer take your hard-earned money. The best way of avoiding a drain cleaning scam is by working with a trustworthy drain service provider. Search your area for experienced professionals with great reviews. You may also want to ask neighbors or friends about drain service companies they’ve used in the past.

Once you’ve found a reputable drain service provider, have them take a look at your system and offer their opinion. Then consider bringing in another service provider for a second opinion. It never hurts to ask for an estimate on service costs as well.

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