Plumber or Septic Company: Who Should I Call?

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If there’s a clogged drain, a leak or a busted toilet, you know those problems need to be fixed fast, but you may be wondering if it’s a plumbing or septic problem. It’s important to know the difference between the two. There’s some overlap, but plumbing and septic services are two separate professions.

Let’s look at the differences between a plumber or septic system company so you know who to call when you need help.

Number of slow drains

If there’s just a single tub or sink that isn’t draining properly, then you probably need a plumber; however, if you’ve noticed that every sink in the house isn’t draining right, then it’s time to call a septic service company. This is likely a sign that the septic tank is overflowing. That means you need to call in a septic company as soon as possible.

Check the septic system’s age

A high-quality septic system that’s been installed properly should last many years. That said, everything has a shelf life, and the septic system isn’t an exception. Most septic systems last for about 25 years. If you find out that your system is bumping up against this age, then it’s time to bring in a septic company.

Inspect the septic system cleanout

Another way to determine who you need to fix the issue is to check on the septic system cleanout. This is the short PVC pipe that’s located between the house and the septic tank. It often sticks out slightly or is level with the ground. Take off the cap, and peer into the cleanout.

If it doesn’t have standing water, that could be an indicator of a problem that’s between the cleanout and the house, meaning that it’s time to call a plumber. If it does have standing water, then it’s probably a sign of a local block or overflowing, which means you should call a septic company.

Installing inspection ports and risers

To facilitate inspecting and fixing septic issues, you may want to install easy-to-access entry points for the septic tank and septic lines. This will make the process of identifying and fixing any backup issues much faster. Risers and inspection ports are pipes with lids that are installed at ground level; they’re designed to make pumping and checking your home’s septic lines easier for professionals. It will also save you money in the end, as these will negate digging around the septic system.

Finding the best septic service provider

When you’re searching for a septic system company, check their online reviews. Talk to friends and neighbors about who they’ve selected. Request that the company show their credentials, and pick a company that has a long track record of success.

One such company is Macken Services, Inc. We’re your all-in-one provider for everything related to your septic system. We’ve been around since 1968, building a reputation as a leader in the field for both residential and commercial customers alike. Call us today to find out more about our services and ask for a free quote.

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