Why You Need to Prepare Your Septic Tank for the Holidays

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Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. If you’re like many homeowners, that means it’s time to start getting ready to host guests for big dinners or even extended stays. Septic system owners need to do a few extra steps in addition to their standard cleaning and house preparation.

Keep reading to learn why that is and what they need to do:

  • Clogged plumbing: Clogged pipes are a worry if your home is connected to the sewer—but it’s even worse if you have a septic system. Those with a septic tank need to pay extra attention to what goes down the drain to avoid clogging up the pipes leading to the tank.
  • Backups: Imagine raw sewage backing up into your home when friends and family members are over for dinner. That can be a reality if you’re not careful! Keep your home healthy and smell-free by preparing your septic tank for the holidays.
  • Lawn flooding: Although it might not ruin your festivities, a lawn that’s flooded with septic tank sludge is not the best way to celebrate the holidays. Thankfully, a little preparation goes a long way in preventing this major headache.

Steps to take before your guests arrive

The good news is that septic system preparation isn’t difficult. Here are a few steps to take to ensure your system is ready:

  • Schedule pumping and inspection: Hiring a septic professional is the best way to prepare for the holidays. Your contractor can pump your tank if needed and perform a full inspection to ensure everything looks as it should. Call today to set up your appointment because the holidays are fast approaching.
  • Use an additive: Septic additives are natural bacteria that help break down the solids in your septic tank. Adding one packet of this bacteria should keep your system in working order throughout the holiday season. Just be sure to ask your contractor which bacteria is right for your system.
  • Post a donotflush list: Posting a helpful reminder that your home is on a septic system goes a long way in preventing clogs and other septic issues. All you need to say is that the only things that can be flushed are toilet paper and waste. Everything else needs to go in the trash can.

How to maintain your system during the festivities

Taking care of your septic system doesn’t stop once guests arrive. In fact, that’s the time when things can really start to go downhill. The best way to avoid disasters is to dump fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in the trash can, not down the kitchen sink. Additionally, keep people from parking on top of the septic drain field or tank, as that can permanently damage the system.

Hire our team today

Don’t delay—now’s the best time to get in touch with Macken Services, Inc. to schedule your septic tank pumping. We’ll send someone out as soon as possible to service your system to ensure it’s ready for the holiday season.

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