Best Time of the Year for Grease Trap Maintenance

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When grease cools, it thickens and becomes more solid. This can be a problem for both restaurants and grease collection services. Sometimes restaurants will use outdoor containers as storage for the old cooking oil until it can be removed, but during the winter, this grease becomes hard and will be difficult to remove from the bin. The grease also will congeal much more quickly in the kitchen’s plumbing due to the plummeting temperatures.

This is why the best time of the year to clean your grease trap is the winter. You want to stay on top of regular maintenance during the winter. If you want to learn more about grease trap cleaning in the cold weather, read on.

How to keep the grease trap functioning well

The grease trap is made to collect all the oils, fats and grease from the kitchen drain and block it from flowing into the sewer system. The grease trap is designed to hold a lot of fatty substances, but these need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid overload.

Whether you choose to clean your grease trap in the snow or at another point, the process involves a professional removing the fatty deposits that obstruct water flow. This is essential to keeping the plumbing working properly as well as for decreasing fire risk and limiting any damage to the kitchen.

Regardless of the weather, your grease trap should be clean at least once every three months. This ensures that the system remains clear and operates efficiently and safely.

Cleaning grease traps during the winter

The fact is that winter storms lead to problems outside of solidified grease in bins or in grease traps. This includes icy roads being blocked and people being snowed in at their homes. That means you may not be able to receive service as quickly during the winter compared to other times of year. That’s why it’s smart to stay on top of grease trap cleaning earlier in the season.

When grease is removed from the site, there are challenges related to the weather as well. For example, removing the bins may be tough if they’ve frozen to the ground. This will involve breaking away the ice so that the bin can be freed; then the frozen grease inside needs to be warmed and pumped out.

You want to hire removal services that are ready to deal with anything the weather throws at them. That’s because proper grease removal is critical to making sure that your business stays operational during the winter and all year round.

When you’re looking for the leader in grease trap maintenance, get in touch with the pros at Macken Services, Inc. We partner with restaurants and food processing facilities to provide high-quality grease trap cleaning. Removing fats, oils and grease from these traps is the key to avoiding costly and potentially hazard backups and malfunctions. We also offer a range of septic maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more and request a free quote.

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