Top Five Tips for Keeping Your Storm Drain Clean

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If you’ve got a storm drain on or near your property, it’s worth keeping it clean. Storm drains help divert rainwater, which prevents flooding. When heavy rains come down, you’ll be glad you spent time doing some storm drain cleaning.

Here’s a closer look at how to keep your storm drain clean throughout fall and winter:

  • Inspect your storm drains regularly: When you see a rainstorm in the weather forecast, that’s your cue to go out and check your storm drains. You should make it a regular practice—just check your storm drains every week or two, even if there isn’t any rain in the forecast. Look to see if there’s any debris in the catch basin, which could prevent water from flowing down the drain properly. You can use a rake to clean any leaves, trash or other debris from the catch basin. Dispose of it in a trash can so it doesn’t migrate back to the drain.
  • Inspect your storm drains right after it rains: After the rain, it’s time to check your storm drains again. Storms can divert trash and debris to your storm drain, especially as heavy rains send water and debris rushing down the drain. Use your rake to remove any trash and debris.
  • Pick up after your pets: If you have outdoor pets, keep an eye on where they do their business and where they drag their toys. It’s important that you pick up their waste and toys so they don’t clog the drains. If they tend to use the storm drains as a toilet or trash receptacle, it’s even more important that you inspect and clean your storm drain regularly.
  • Keep your trash where it belongs: Not all the blame belongs on your pets, of course. If your trash bin lids aren’t on tight, they can blow over and send refuse into your storm drains. Consider picking trash up off the street and sidewalks, and always put your yard waste into an appropriate container. The less debris you have floating around your yard, the less likely you’re going to experience clogged drains and flooding.
  • Work with a professional team: Finally, consider working with a professional team. When the storm water runoff doesn’t drain the way it should, you may need to hire professional storm drain cleaners. They’ll be able to tackle the job in a way homeowners might not be able to manage. This is especially important when it looks like water is moving toward your house. Once it reaches the foundation, you could experience shifting, cracks and other water-related damage.

The cleaner you keep your storm drain, the less likely you’ll see water damage in your structure and yard. All it takes is a few minutes every week or so—and before and after every storm—to make sure water can drain appropriately. Invest in your peace of mind, keep your home and property safe and don’t forget to call Macken Services, Inc. for assistance when you need storm drain cleaning or septic system services.

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