Septic Tank Myths vs. Facts

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Perhaps it’s due to the systems’ complexity or septic contractors’ failure to explain the equipment, but there are tons of septic tank myths in Lancaster, NY floating around online. These myths can be a big problem, as they lead to septic malfunctions and premature aging of systems. This post will cover a few of the top myths and the truths behind them:

  • Septic tanks don’t need routine maintenance: One of the most dangerous myths we hear is that septic systems don’t need professional maintenance. In addition to having your tank pumped every few years, we recommend getting an annual inspection. These routine service calls can prevent system failure and prolong its lifespan.
  • Only tanks need inspections: While the tank gets a lot of attention, it’s only one small part of your septic system. During inspections, contractors should pay special attention to the drain field, the component responsible for filtering out harmful bacteria. Ensure your chosen septic pro performs comprehensive maintenance!
  • Calling the septic company can wait: Delaying maintenance and waiting to make repairs are two huge mistakes when it comes to septic systems. The longer you wait to call a pro, the worse your septic problems will become and the more costly they’ll be to fix.
  • I don’t need bacteria additives: Many homeowners don’t realize that there are millions of bacteria inside septic tanks that are responsible for breaking down waste. The problem is that when antibacterial cleaners enter the tank, they kill the beneficial bacteria! Additives should be used to keep those bacteria as strong as possible.
  • The tank doesn’t require pumping if I add bacteria: Those bacteria additives go a long way in keeping your system in tip-top shape. However, buying and using them doesn’t replace the need for professional pumping or maintenance. One of the key septic tank facts in Lancaster, NY is that your tank needs to be pumped every few years.
  • Anything can be flushed: You’ll often see a variety of bathroom products advertised as “flushable.” Unfortunately, that’s very misleading! Anything other than human waste and toilet paper can wreak havoc on your system. Backups, clogs and leaks are just a few of the issues that result from flushing unapproved products.
  • Pumping gets rid of all problems: Keeping your regular pumping schedule prevents all sorts of septic system issues. However, calling a contractor every few years to pump the tank isn’t enough. Annual inspections are the best way to ensure there aren’t unseen issues with the drain field or other system components.
  • Septic systems last a lifetime: A properly maintained septic system can last for up to 40 years, so it’s possible that you’ll never need to replace it, but that’s not always the case. Although replacement isn’t cheap, replacing it sooner rather than later can go a long way in preventing issues.

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