Fun Facts About Septic Tanks

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Besides knowing that their house runs on a septic system, many homeowners seem to be unfamiliar with the system’s workings or upkeep. That’s not ideal—being uninformed can lead to big problems with a septic tank. If you think you might be in the dark about your septic system, keep reading. This post will cover a few septic tank fun facts in Lancaster, NY.

Every home’s pumping schedule is different

All septic tanks need to be pumped once every three to five years or so. However, your pumping frequency varies on a few factors, including the tank size, your usage habits and the age of the system. Talk to a specialist about when you need to schedule pumping and an inspection.

You can’t flush everything

Flushing items like dental floss, feminine products and pet waste might seem fine, but it can lead to big problems for your septic system. These items (and many more) can interfere with the system’s ability to break down waste and necessitate expensive repairs.

Drain cleaners can be harmful

Pouring some Drano down a clogged pipe or drain might seem like a quick fix, but you’ll soon regret that decision. Just like the items mentioned above, chemical drain cleaners can make it impossible for your septic tank in Lancaster, NY to break down waste.

Your system involves more than the toilets

When homeowners think of their septic system, many just assume it involves their toilets and the tank outside. That’s not the case, though—every sink, tub and pipe in your house is associated with the septic system. Even the garbage disposal can affect how the system operates! Because everything’s related, it’s vital that you’re always vigilant about what goes down the drain or is flushed down the toilet.

Your system affects your groundwater

Many people don’t realize it, but septic systems and groundwater are directly related. The liquids held in a septic tank in Lancaster, NY eventually leach out into the drain field, where they’re decontaminated and released back into the groundwater. Proper system upkeep is essential to prevent contaminating your water and getting sick.

The drain field can flood

Flooding the drain field is one of the largest concerns when it comes to septic systems. When the drain field floods, it quickly contaminates your property with wastewater. To avoid flooding the drain field, practice water conservation at your home and schedule professional inspections every year.

Proper maintenance extends its lifespan

Just like any equipment in your home, your septic system won’t last forever. Although it can last for up to 40 years, you may eventually need to replace your system. To extend its lifespan, stick to a routine pumping and maintenance schedule. Additionally, be sure to call a professional for repairs as soon as you notice something is amiss with your system.

Want to know more? Call our team!

We covered quite a few septic system fun facts in Lancaster, NY, but we didn’t touch on everything. Contact Macken Services, Inc. today to set up a septic tank inspection or to learn more about your septic tank.

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