Six Septic Tank Owner Facts You Need to Know

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For some people, the idea of using a septic tank seems like some far-flung concept. But for the 21 million Americans who require a septic system to remove wastewater from their homes, septic tanks are a lifeline that makes it possible to live in their dream home.

There’s more to septic tanks in Lancaster, NY than you might initially realize. Want a quick education? Here are the fundamentals.

Be careful about flushing

Perhaps the easiest way to cause severe problems with your septic system is to flush something that the system can’t handle. That might sound alarming to those people who’ve never used a septic system, but the same general rules apply to a septic system as to a traditional plumbing setup. You shouldn’t flush food waste, sanitary items or diapers, for example. Limit what you dispose of to solid and liquid waste and toilet paper.

Have the whole system checked twice a year

A lot of septic system owners think they only have to have their tank pumped and inspected once every two years or so, and otherwise, they can basically forget about it. In fact, septic systems should be inspected more frequently than they are pumped. Most experts recommend that septic tanks in Lancaster, NY be professionally inspected twice a year. During those visits, your septic technician can look for potential issues and treat them to prevent increased wear and tear.

Think hard about your drain field

When your septic system is installed, your contractor should have a conversation with you about drainage. The goal is to place your septic system’s drain field in a place that won’t be overwhelmed by the drainage from your house. They should make sure, when rainwater flows down from your gutters, that it’s not running into the drain field.

Manicure respectfully

Once your drain field is in place and you’re sure there isn’t any excess water draining into it, you should also be careful about what you plant on top of your drain field. Grass and plants with shallow root systems are the preferred vegetation. Anything larger, like trees, could interfere with your drain field’s operation.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

Even if you have a contractor checking your system regularly, it’s critical to make sure you’re keeping an eye out for trouble. A variety of small problems could occur before sewage backs up into your home. For example, you could require maintenance if you notice your grass is incredibly lush above your drain field, if you notice a foul odor from your drains or any number of other issues.

Put your trust in the experts

The most critical fact you should know about getting septic tank help in Lancaster, NY is that no team is better equipped to handle your commercial or residential septic needs than Macken Services. Since we opened our doors in 1968, we’ve stood head and shoulders above the competition because we provide tremendous customer service and unparalleled workmanship. That’s our promise to every customer who enlists our services. Call today to learn more!

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