Six Pro Tips on Maintaining Your Catch Basin

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The catch basin is the inlet to the storm drain system that keeps debris, sediment and other pollutants out of stormwater. This debris can clog downstream pipes and pollute streams and rivers. If you live in a residential neighborhood where litter, leaves and abandoned toys may literally go down the drain, cleaning catch basins in Lancaster, NY can prevent backflow from storm drains and maintain waterway health. Here are six pro tips for keeping them clean:

  • Clean it as you see debris: It only takes a few minutes to remove debris as you see it. When you see excessive leaves or sticks around the catch basin, remove them with a rake before it clogs. Pick up any litter you see around the catch basin and consider marking it with a sign reading, “no dumping—drains to streams.” This may help your neighbors avoid piling leaves near stormwater inlets and keep children from dropping toys in them.
  • Sweep your driveway: Many debris in catch basins end up traveling from your yard. Sweeping your driveway and lot regularly allows you to move debris and dispose of it in your yard waste before it travels to the catch basin. When you rake leaves, bag them up immediately so a strong wind or mere neglect does not lead to them being washed away with stormwater and clogging pipes.
  • Consider an outlet trap: Inserts or an outlet trap will stop pollutants and debris from entering the stormwater. They offer extra protection that could prevent problems later. You can also install an oil-absorbent pillow, which will take the extra step of keeping pesticides and chemical fertilizer out of rivers. All these solutions are inexpensive and easy to install.
  • Control your chemicals: Weed killers and pesticides are particularly dangerous in stormwater. Store them and any waste associated with them where they are not exposed to rain or runoff. Use them sparingly and consider better alternatives that are effective and not harmful to the environment. These chemicals are also a danger to children, pets and helpful insects, so it is better to find a way to abandon them completely, if possible.
  • Repair damage: If you notice catch basins open and cannot find the grate, call a contractor immediately. Repair any outlet traps when they are damaged, and do not remove grates unless necessary. If there are any issues that make you think you need to enter the catch basin or drainage structure, call a contractor. You never want to climb into a catch basin unless you received the proper training.
  • Use the car wash: Soap and car wax are among the chemicals that do not mix well with stormwater. While washing your car on your suburban driveway brings a sense of nostalgia, it is also a waste of water that sends more debris and poisons into the stormwater system. Car washes use less water and control the runoff better than you can from your driveway.

Cleaning catch basins in Lancaster, NY makes a big difference in stormwater management. Macken Services, Inc. can manage any issues you have with catch basins, whether you live in a suburban neighborhood or maintain a septic system on a rural property. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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