Six Signs You Need to Fix Your Septic System Now

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If this is your first property with a septic system installation in Lancaster, NY, you may not necessarily know when you need to call the experts in to have it repaired. Septic systems are often “out of sight, out of mind,” so even experienced homeowners tend to overlook alarming developments as merely quirks of an unfamiliar system. If you see any of these of these six signs, call us immediately to take a closer look:

  • Old age: Chances are, if you do not know how old your septic system is, it is likely time to replace it, or at least have it assessed. The same is true if you buy a home and the previous owner does not know when they last installed a septic system. Septic tanks normally last around 20 years, and once they reach that point, you are more likely to encounter repair issues. If quirks are frequent and you do not know the age of your system, schedule an inspection before something goes terribly wrong.
  • Contaminated groundwater: If wastewater seeps out of your tank and into your groundwater, you not only have a disgusting problem on your hands, but also a dangerous one. Signs of contamination include odors and color changes, and if you allow these issues to continue, household members will start suffering gastrointestinal distress. You should never use contaminated groundwater, and if you suspect this, call someone in to test it and fix your system.
  • Backflow: A damaged or full tank will no longer store waste. This results in toilets backing up and sewage coming up from sink and shower drains. Like groundwater contamination, this can become a health hazard very quickly, and it emphasizes the need to pump your septic tank on a regular schedule. If you do not remember the last time you pumped or maintained the tank and you experience backflow, you now have an emergency situation that demands immediate attention.
  • Thriving vegetation: If you notice vegetation thrives more where your septic tank is located, look out—those extra green spots on the lawn and supersized weeds among small ones is due to the plants thriving on septic waste that escaped the tank. This will eventually result in puddles of sewage and strong odors that will make any semblance of outdoor living impossible.
  • Slow drains: Before you experience backflow, you may notice slow drains. While this may be just another hair clog in your shower, it could also be backflowing waste that has not made it all the way up to your sink, toilet or shower yet. If drains that do not normally clog are suddenly slow, you need to have your system checked out before you have a messy and smelly problem.
  • Sunken patches: Sometimes, there are no puddles, only sunken patches in your lawn or garden. This could be a normal result of your particular water flow, but if it is a new development, it is often a sign of tank leakage. This is especially true if you notice these areas near the tank.

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