Look Out for These Signs of Septic System Failure

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If all goes according to plan, your septic tank should last for decades without having any issues. But, as we all know, few things ever work out that way! Septic system failure causes headaches for everyone involved and can be quite costly if the problem isn’t remedied promptly. Keep reading to learn when you need to call our team for help with repairing your septic tank in Lancaster, NY:

  • Slow drains: From excessive hair down the sink to a buildup of grease, there are several causes for slow drains. One of the worst reasons, however, is a problem with the septic system. If you’ve tried everything to clear up that slow drain, you may want to call a septic system professional to check out the problem.
  • Backups: Needless to say, backed-up water and sewage in your home is one of the last things you want to deal with. Unfortunately, this could happen to you if you neglect to pump your tank every few years. Call a professional to pump your septic tank every three to five years to avoid big disasters.
  • Bad odors: A sewage smell outside by the drain field or inside near sinks and toilets is a big indication that something’s amiss. Your septic professional can identify the source of the problem, but it most likely has to do with a blockage somewhere between the tank and your home.
  • Green grass: It’s every homeowner’s dream to have a beautiful green yard, but if the grass over the septic tank or drain field looks a little too green, you might have a problem. Overly green grass is an indication that the soil is getting too many nutrients from a leak in the septic system.

Common reasons for failure

In order to prevent the problems mentioned above, we think it’d be helpful to know a few of the most common causes of septic system failure. Here are the main reasons we get calls for repairing septic tanks in Lancaster, NY:

  • Misuse: Many of the problems mentioned above can be prevented with proper use of your septic system. Never flush anything but toilet paper and human waste, watch what goes down the kitchen sink and be mindful of how much water you use.
  • Clogs: A clog in the pipe between your house and the septic system results in some nasty odors and a malfunctioning septic system. We can typically fix clogs by snaking the pipe if the problem is identified early enough.
  • Drain field failure: Old age, too much rainwater or blockages in the system are a few of the top reasons for drain field failure. Regardless of the root of the problem, you’ll need to hire a professional to either make a repair or replace it entirely.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of septic system failure, then be sure to call the team at Macken Services, Inc. Our competitive prices and fast service are just two of the reasons why we’re the number one team for repairing septic tanks in Lancaster, NY!

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