Important Things to Know About Storm Drain Cleaning

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Cleaning storm drains in Lancaster, NY is an essential aspect of maintaining a city’s drainage systems. Since this task is often taken for granted, it can be easy to overlook its importance or neglect it.

In fact, cleaning storm drains in Lancaster, NY must be done regularly to prevent damage to structures and properties. Consider the following top facts about storm drains and their maintenance. You might be surprised at what you discover:

  • Storm drains affect driving conditions: If storm drains are not cleaned, they can become clogged with debris. If this happens, the clogged drains can generate water overflow, which floods streets. This, in turn, creates dangerous road conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It can also cause erosion in the surrounding area.
  • Flushing is a common solution: Cleaning storm drains in Lancaster, NY is often accomplished by flushing. Using a water source, technicians flush the system to clear out all debris and ensure proper flow. This method is typically used for pipes that are 36 inches or less in diameter.
  • Drain cleaning can affect fresh water sources: Storm drainage systems connect to bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. Since these bodies are sources of fresh water for area residents, it is crucial to use products for storm drain cleaning that are safe for the environment.
  • Longer lines are more efficient: When flushing a system to clean it, the process is more efficient when the sewer line is greater than 700 feet. Because of this, other methods may be employed to clean shorter lines.
  • Hydro-jets are a good solution: One of the top methods for cleaning storm drains in Lancaster, NY is high-pressure water jetting, also called hydro-jetting. The intense water pressure effectively clears away debris and other buildup.
  • Professionals must be contacted: It’s possible that storm drains in your area have not been properly maintained. If you notice any drainage issues near your home or business, don’t wait to contact professionals. Clogged storm drains can cause severe damage to your property, but this can be prevented by effective cleaning that is completed by trained technicians.
  • Maintenance is essential: Keep in mind that all systems require maintenance. While the storm drain is functioning properly, this is easy to forget. Eventually, though, it will probably need attention to flush it or provide other necessary maintenance.
  • Clogs are caused by a host of items: You may be wondering what causes clogs in drainage systems. It’s far more than limbs and leaves. Common sources of storm drain clogs include trash, mineral deposits, oil, grease, paints, antifreeze, pesticides, cleaners, fertilizers, animal waste, sediment and tree roots.

Get backup before it backs up

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