Five Signs You Need Septic System Repairs in Erie County, NY

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Some properties are not connected to a local sewer system. If this is you, then your home or business’ plumping relies on a private septic system to move solids and wastewater. And as you’ve probably guessed, a malfunctioning septic system is going to be detrimental to your plumbing.

Most clogs, damage and draining issues with septic systems stem from a lack of proper care and maintenance. It’s important to never ignore possible problems and to call a septic technician for a diagnosis the moment you notice any changes.

You may not be a septic expert, but there are some things you should know if you have a septic tank. Here are five signs you might need septic system repairs in Erie County, NY:

  1. There’s sewage backup: It’s never normal for raw sewage to back up into your home! If your toilets or drains are expelling raw sewage—and you are positive a waste clog is not the cause of the problem—it’s a sign something isn’t working properly in the septic system. Stop using all water immediately and call a septic expert.
  2. The drain field is flooded: Your drain field, also called a leach field, should not look flooded or swampy. A flooded drain field must be inspected and repaired as soon as possible, especially since pipes, connections, the tank and other septic system components can suffer irreparable damage. In addition to this, a flooded drain field puts other parts of your property at risk for contamination.
  3. Nasty odors have invaded: Just like homes connected to a main city sewer line, you should be concerned if you detect sewage odors in the air. If you begin to smell unpleasant septic odors either inside or outside your house, it might be signaling to you that the septic system is not draining properly. Does the odor linger a long time after flushing the toilet or running the washing machine? Call a septic company to come inspect your drains.
  4. Household water is contaminated: Water contamination is a huge concern for property owners with septic tanks and private water wells. Since well water provides a household with all the water used for drinking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes, and rinsing foods before cooking, it’s extremely important to not ignore signs of contamination. Contaminated water can lead to serious health problems for you and your family, so check your septic system at the first sign of contamination.
  5. Drains are slow: Toilets and drains may clog from time to time as the result of trying to flush too many solids all at once or sending non-flushable items through drain pipes. While a normal type clog can cause slow drainage in a single drain, all your drains running slowly all of a sudden (or at the same time) points to an issue with your septic system.

If you are in need of residential or commercial septic system repairs in Erie County, NY, don’t hesitate to contact Macken Services, Inc. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment!

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