Top Four Reasons to Keep Your Storm Drain Clean

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It may be hard to believe, but spring is almost here. Soon those piles of snow will be nothing more than a trickle of water going down your storm drain (or, less pleasantly, a flood in your backyard and basement).

We’re all tired of the snow and ready for spring to get here, but spring comes with its own set of challenges. Take the water from the melting snow and add spring rainfall levels on top of it, and you are all set for some serious flooding potential. Thankfully, there are things you can do to avoid springtime flooding, and one of those things is keeping your storm drain clean. There’s nothing terribly complex about a storm drain, yet it plays a vital role in the common good and maintaining the safety of your property. In fact, here are the top four reasons you should be thinking about storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY this spring.

Protect your yard

If your storm drain is blocked, water from melting snow and rainstorms has nowhere to go and can start to back up in your yard. While some water is good for your lawn, trees and other plants and foliage, too much can be damaging. To prevent water from pooling in your backyard, you’ll want to make sure your storm drains are clear.

Protect your home

Flooding is often caused by blocked storm drains. If the water from melting snow and rainwater has nowhere to go, it will quickly back up in your yard and begin to leak into your home. A clear storm drain helps ensure that water is diverted away from your property, protecting your home.

Traffic safety

While it may not be as slippery as snow and ice, water on the roads can be just as dangerous. If there’s enough standing water, cars can hydroplane, increasing the risk of an accident. There’s also the potential damage that deep standing water can cause to a vehicle. While it may not seem like much, keeping your storm drain clean can help prevent car accidents. When your storm drain is clear, rainwaters and melting snow can quickly be diverted off the road, ensuring the safety of vehicles on the road.

Road maintenance

Even low levels of standing water can take a toll on road pavement. While the effects may not be immediate, just a few weeks of standing water can cause pavement to start to break down, leading to potholes, cracks and other damage. While keeping roads in good condition may not be your personal responsibility, it’s your tax dollars that help pay for road repairs. Keeping your storm drain clear can help keep your street looking better for longer and help ensure that your tax dollars are being used wisely.

If you want to both protect yourself and do your part for the common good this spring, be sure to keep your storm drains clear and clean. For more tips on storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY, be sure to call Macken Services, Inc., your local septic and storm drain cleaning experts!

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