Six Signs Your Leach Field Needs to Be Replaced

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Your septic system is constantly working. Everything from washing laundry to flushing the toilet and doing dishes can put a strain on the system. Over time, all that use can affect the leach field. The leach field, also known as a septic drain field, is one part of the sewage treatment system. Wastewater from the home is treated in the septic tank before it enters the distribution box and then into the leach field, where it will sit until it can be absorbed into the surrounding soil. The natural bacteria in the soil then does its part to finish up the treatment process by turning the wastewater into safe groundwater.

However, problems can arise with leach fields in Erie County, NY due to neglect or improper maintenance. A slimy bacterial coating may start to form along the walls of the trench if the water sits in the drain lines for too long. Using too much water, meanwhile, makes it next to impossible for the lines to fully dry out, which can lead to some serious issues.

How can you tell if your leach field is in trouble? Here are six signs your leach field needs to be replaced:

  • Draining noises: Do you suddenly hear strange gurgling noises coming from your drains? This is an early indicator that the drain isn’t venting correctly due to a partial blockage. The sound could also come from the toilet or other plumbing fixtures.
  • Excessive flushing: Having to flush multiple times to clear the toilet is never a good sign. Multiple flushes could mean there’s a clog or the drain is failing in your leach field in Erie County, NY.
  • Slow drains: Not only are slow drains obnoxious, but they’re also an indicator of a larger problem. Call for a professional septic repair specialist if this issue persists for more than a week.
  • Wet spots in the yard: Watch out for the appearance of wet spots in the grass. Usually, the water from the septic system stays hidden below the surface. The presence of puddles could mean the leach field can no longer handle the water.
  • Black, slimy substances: No one wants to stumble across a mysterious black, slimy substance on their property. Call a professional if you spot it on the ground above the septic tank or the field lines.
  • Sewage odor: If something smells bad, it’s time to call for help. The septic system could be the cause of strange, unpleasant sewage smells coming from the drains or wet areas on the property.

Ignoring these signs could lead to serious damage to your home and your wallet. Not only will you have to pay for a costly leach field replacement, but there could be extensive water damage to the flooring, walls and furniture if the toilet, tub or sink backs up. On top of that, you’ll likely be faced with a never-ending battle against mold and mildew if the sewage infiltrates your home.

Call a professional septic specialist with Macken Services, Inc. today if you notice any of these signs with your leach field in Erie County, NY!

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