Follow These Five Tips to Protect Yourself from Common Septic Scams

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Nothing is more frustrating than paying thousands of dollars to have your septic system repaired or a new one installed, only to later discover it was done wrong. Oftentimes, a so-called “professional” can perform a shoddy installation or a questionable repair. Others will substitute cheap parts that aren’t suited for the project in an effort to save costs. This questionable workmanship can end up costing homeowners even more in the long run, as they’ll be forced to hire yet another technician to fix the first guy’s work.

However, customers can protect themselves from this type of slapdash work. You can learn to spot a scam the next time you need septic tank service, a new system installation or septic system repairs in Erie County, NY. Follow these five tips to protect yourself from common septic scams.

Shop local

A technician from a big-name out-of-town company doesn’t have much skin in the game as far as you or your community are concerned. They’ll complete your repairs before moving on without ever looking back. They won’t be able to follow through on any warranties or customer service promises, as they’ll be long gone once the job is done. A local septic repair specialist, however, is invested in their community. Not only do they pride themselves on providing high quality work, but they also know their reputation is at stake in the local area. Look for a septic repair specialist with headquarters in or near your community.

Get proof of insurance

State law mandates all home improvement contractors must submit their proof of insurance with any new septic tank installation proposal. They should have the proper documentation that proves they carry both liability and worker’s compensation coverage without hesitation. A contractor that shows any sign of hesitation when questioned shouldn’t be trusted. This is especially important, as you could be held liable if the contractor is injured on your property without carrying any insurance.

The right parts

A septic system requires the right parts for optimal performance. Unfortunately, many contractors try to cut costs by installing the cheap or inferior products. Any initial cost savings won’t matter in the end, as you’ll likely need to pay for additional septic system repairs in Erie County, NY to fix the problem.

Don’t pump prior to the inspection

Buying a new home? Make sure the seller doesn’t pump the tank for at least two weeks before the inspection. It’s impossible to properly inspect a septic tank when it’s completely empty. The tank should be at normal operating level during the inspection. This will ensure it’s working correctly and make it easier to spot any leaks or problem areas.

Skip the unnecessary add-ons

Don’t fall for that fancy flushing bacteria or expensive chemical additive. These rip-off additives won’t prolong the life of your septic tank as promised. The septic tank is already equipped with all the naturally-occurring bacteria it needs to run effectively. The extras don’t accomplish anything other than making more money for the service company.

Skip the scams by choosing a company you can trust for septic system repairs in Erie County, NY. Call Macken Services, Inc. today to schedule your free consultation!

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