Get the Most Out of Your Septic System: Some Tips to Extend Its Lifespan

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Septic tank systems are not as simple as they may seem. Sure, a professional installs the system and comes back from time to time for scheduled service, but you are responsible for regular care and maintenance. Don’t stress—all you need to have is a basic understanding of your system and a good septic system technician to rely on. Here’s what you need to know.

Research your septic system

If your home or business is on a septic system, you should get to know the specifics of its components. When you know your system, you can better prepare for maintenance and hiccups and be able to catch the signs of potential serious issues before things get worse. First, know where the septic tank is located in your yard, the size of the tank and the schedule being followed for septic tank pumping in Erie County, NY. Your best approach is to have the original plans, work permits and maintenance records on hand. If you don’t have this information handy, call your area’s septic system permit office (or the company that installed the system) and request it.

Pump on a schedule

The septic tank pumping schedule you’re on will likely be different from your neighbor’s schedule. This is because there are a handful of factors that play into your property’s pumping needs. What is the easiest way to know when to pump? Take into consideration the number of people in your household, the size of the tank and how many toilets, showers and drains you have running to the same tank. A septic pumping professional can help you determine how often you’re due for tank pumping.

Once you know your recommended pumping schedule, set a reminder in your calendar to alert you when it’s time. It’s important to schedule septic tank pumping in Erie County, NY ahead of time to ensure the company can accommodate you and avoid overloading the tank.

Check before you dig

Many counties in the United States require that homeowners call their local utility companies before planting trees, pouring concrete or moving forward with other similar outdoor projects. This is to avoid digging into lines and pipes and causing damage. The same principle applies to properties with septic systems. You need to check with your local health agency before landscaping or adding new property features.

The majority of local health agencies have regulations regarding how close landscaping and certain features can be installed to septic system components. Keep in mind that these rules are in place to protect your property and extend the life of septic tanks and drain fields. In general, grass and shrubs with shallow root systems can be planted freely. The thirsty roots of large trees will seek out the closest source of water… which may be your septic tank. If you want to install a pool, a barrier is required to keep chlorine from getting inside septic tanks and killing good bacteria.

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