How to Prevent Storm Water Runoff Pollution

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Now that fall is here and winter is right around the corner, we can expect plenty of precipitation in the forecast. In most cases, soil is able to absorb precipitation to prevent flooding and runoff, but as the weather becomes increasingly stormy, storm water runoff becomes a bigger concern. Unfortunately, storm water runoff can lead to more than just flooding—it can also carry pollutants and contaminants. Find out more about the issue of storm water runoff and how you can prevent storm water pollution with professional storm drain cleaning in Erie County, NY.

How does storm water get polluted?

Rainwater is, for the most part, pure. While it can collect some particles and pollutants from the atmosphere as it falls, rain doesn’t typically contain particles that could cause damage to soil. Unfortunately, the natural process of precipitation and absorption into the soil is inhibited by infrastructure and developments like parking lots, sidewalks and roads. These surfaces don’t promote absorption, so water usually runs across them until it reaches soil or a surface that will absorb the water.

As storm water flows across these surfaces, it picks up various debris and pollutants like oil, chemicals, garbage, pesticides and other toxic materials. Eventually, much of this storm water—pollutants and all—will make it to surface water sources like streams, lakes and rivers, where it can harm wildlife and pollute water that local homes and businesses rely on.

Preventing storm water pollution

While you can’t prevent storm water pollution on your own, there are several things that you can do to reduce the risk of pollution on your property. One of the most effective ways to prevent storm water pollution is to landscape your property in a way that promotes effective soil absorption. Use plants, grass and gravel to reduce the rapid flow of storm water and allow precipitation to flow safely into the ground or to nearby water sources without crossing over potentially contaminated surfaces like pavement.

Another important thing that you can do to reduce water contamination is to invest in storm drain cleaning in Erie County, NY. As time goes by, your storm drain will accumulate garbage, contaminants and debris that can obstruct the flow of water to your drain and cause water to back up into other areas, where it can cause pollution. Cleaning out your storm drains allows you to promote proper storm water runoff and prevent polluted water from ending up in nearby rivers, streams and lakes, where it can harm plants, animals and people.

Learn more about storm drain cleaning in Erie County, NY

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