Signs You’re Overdue for Septic Tank Pumping in Erie County, NY

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If you live out in the country away from municipal sewer and water systems, you’re almost certainly running your home sewage system on a septic tank. While septic maintenance isn’t exactly the most exciting maintenance task you can have for your home, it’s absolutely necessary to stay on top of your septic tank pumping and general maintenance to make sure the system stays in condition for long into the future—otherwise you could have a significant (and potentially smelly) problem on your hands.

Here are just a few of the most common signs you’re likely overdue for septic tank pumping in Erie County, NY:

  • You notice water starting to pool on your property: It’s normal for you to experience pooling water in your lawn after heavy rains. However, if the weather has been dry but your yard is still wet, especially the area around your septic system’s drain field, that means the septic system could well be overflowing. If a septic tank reaches its maximum capacity, solid waste can begin to clog up the piping in the drain field, forcing liquid to reach the surface.
  • You smell septic odors: Keep in mind that your septic system isn’t just collecting solid waste—it’s also collecting all the water that comes through from showering, doing laundry and washing dishes. When you combine this with the raw sewage you’re sending down the drain, this is a very pungent mixture. If you start to smell these odors making their way through the surface of the ground, this is a sign that you definitely need to have your tank pumped.
  • Slow draining: If you have slow-moving drains in your home, the problem could be a clog, but if you’ve taken all the normal unclogging measures and are still having problems with your drains, this means the system could be full. Therefore, you’ll need to get a technician out to your home as soon as possible to complete the pumping process.
  • Backups: Sewer backups are the most disgusting and potentially the most damaging and dangerous issue you can have with any type of plumbing system. These backups will most frequently occur first in the lowest drains of your house, such as basement floors. If you start to have backup issues, you need to have a professional come over and handle the issue. Otherwise, anything that comes into contact with the backup will likely need to be thrown out if it can’t be disinfected and sterilized.
  • Inconsistent grass growth: If the grass above your septic bed looks overly lush or green, this could actually be a bad sign—it might mean your septic system is leaching liquids and is either leaking or simply needs to be emptied. You should have this issue resolved immediately.

For more information about the signs that indicate you’re overdue for septic tank pumping in Erie County, NY, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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