Why Storm Drain Cleaning in Lancaster, NY Is So Important

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Think about it—how often do you clean the drains in and around your home? Probably not very frequently. However, there are many benefits associated with storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY to keep those drains operating smoothly and prevent future problems.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of such cleanings:

  • Clear up blockages: When you regularly clean out your storm drains, you’ll be better able to prevent blockages from forming. Small blockages are a nuisance while you’re using a sink or the shower, but the longer you let them go, especially in your storm drain, the more problematic they’ll become. Cleaning out your sewer drains might be an important step to help you keep your drains clear and flowing freely, otherwise you’ll likely have problems when flushing the toilet.
  • Prevent odor formation: Sewers always will have some minimal level of odor, but the longer you go between drain cleanings, the more powerful these odors will become. Cleaning the drains helps keep these odors at bay.
  • Greater cleanliness in your home: Having clean drains leads to greater overall cleanliness in your home. The blockages can form some very unsanitary conditions. If they build up to a certain degree, the sewers could overflow and lead to very serious hygiene conditions in your home. Anything that touches water from a sewage backup will likely have to be disposed of, unless it’s able to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This is an especially significant problem in basements, as they are most susceptible to flooding, but can also be problematic in bathrooms if the toilets back up.
  • Fewer expenses: Cleaning your drains early and often can help prevent the drains from overflowing and causing other serious conditions in your home. Not only does this mean you can avoid health issues, but you will also avoid the big-time expenses associated with disinfecting or replacing the affected items in your home. In addition, staying on top of your drain cleaning also identifies other plumbing-related issues early on, such as pipes and drains that could potentially be affected by tree roots and other hazards. The sooner you find out about these issues, the less you’ll have to pay in significant replacements down the road.
  • Avoid penalties: Clogged storm drains can result in flooding in your neighborhood. If there are a few clogged up drains all along the same street, it could do some damage to the streets and landscapes of the area. In some municipalities, homeowners’ failure to address clogged storm drains could result in them being financially penalized after floods occur. When you combine this with the other financial losses you potentially face from flooding in your home, it makes sense to instead simply prioritize cleaning out those drains.

Are you looking for more information about storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY and why it’s so important to keep up with this task? We encourage you to contact Macken Services today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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