How Often Should I Call for Catch Basin Cleaning in Erie County, NY?

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You need to have your catch basins regularly cleaned, especially during the spring and early summer, when large storms can cause major floods and carry with them lots of debris. If you have a clogged catch basin, you need the services of a trusted plumber to get it unclogged as soon as possible so you can avert some of the primary risks to your house.

A failure to clear out your catch basins could result in your home flooding when storms run through your area. Therefore, you should make it a priority to clean it out as often as possible to prevent that excess water from flooding your home and property.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits associated with regular catch basin cleaning in Erie County, NY:

  • Prevent roadside damage: Regular catch basin cleanings help to keep the sides of the roads in good shape. A catch basin that operates as it’s supposed to will catch all of the extra water that passes through the area so it doesn’t sit on the road where cars drive. This keeps the roads in safer condition for drivers, while also preventing erosion or other damage from occurring.
  • Protect your home: Regular cleanings of your catch basin will protect your home from potential storm and water damage. The water will run down through the catch basin rather than into your home, meaning you won’t have to worry about bailing water out of your basement or water flooding up through your plumbing.
  • Protect your health: The water that runs down through a catch basin can, in some cases, contain some very harmful chemicals. If you have any children or animals who are exposed to this water or drink it, they could develop serious medical conditions. You can protect your health and the health of your pets and family by keeping your catch basins clean and clear.
  • Prevent other hazards: There are other hazards associated with catch basins that you can prevent by having them regularly cleaned. For example, when snow collects on the catch basin and it melts away, the idea is that it will go down the catch basin and drain away harmlessly. But if debris clogs the basin, the melted snow and ice will not be able to go down the drain and will instead collect on the road, which could cause safety hazards for drivers. This can be prevented simply by ensuring your catch basin is clear at all times.

These are just a few of the main reasons why you should prioritize catch basin cleaning in Erie County, NY. Our team at Macken Services specializes in a variety of these types of services, including flooding control, catch basin cleaning and so much more that will prevent hazardous situations and keep you and your loved ones safe and in good health. For more information about our catch basin cleaning services or to get a quote for your upcoming job, we encourage you to contact our team today.

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