Signs You Need Septic System Repairs in Erie County, NY

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Many septic system owners are unaware of the warning signs that their septic system is in trouble. When they miss these red flags, their system suffers. They end up spending more time and money on septic system repairs in Erie County, NY than they would have if the problem had been detected earlier.

To protect your system, watch for the following warning signs. Catching these early will save you time, money and hassle. Contact a professional for septic system repairs in Erie County, NY if you notice any of these key indicators:

  • Gurgling: When you flush the toilet or run water, do you hear gurgling noises in the pipes? This is an indication that your tank may be full, may need to be pumped or has other issues. Don’t ignore this noise. Contact a professional for septic system repairs in Erie County, NY.
  • Flushing: Is your toilet struggling to flush? If it is slow or won’t flush at all, something might be wrong with your septic system. You can try a plunger, but if the issue is recurring or the plunger doesn’t fix it, contact the experts for repairs.
  • Draining: Keep an eye on your sink, shower and tub drains. If they are draining slowly, your septic system could need attention. Don’t wait for the system to clog entirely. When you notice a slow drain issue, have it looked at right away.
  • Flooding: Did your washing machine back up? Did sewage back up into your house? If your system is flooding your home instead of draining it like it should, don’t hesitate to call for back-up assistance.
  • Smelling: Is the smell of rotten eggs wafting through your home? A toxic sulfur smell is an indication that raw sewage is escaping your tank. Sniff around near your tank. If the smell is worse here, contact a technician for septic system repairs in Erie County, NY.
  • Growing: Have you noticed that one patch of your lawn is greener than the rest? If a section is growing better or faster than the rest of your property, your septic drain field is probably filling. The lawn in that area is receiving an extra dose of fertilizer. If this happens, your system is in dire need of repairs.
  • Standing: Have you discovered any standing water in or near your drain field? If so, your system is failing. The septic system is posing a health hazard and should be repaired right away. If you notice any puddles, contact professionals immediately for septic system repairs in Erie County, NY.

If you experience any of these issues with your septic system, contact the premier provider of septic system repairs in Erie County, NY. The experts at Macken Services offer in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to handle all your system’s needs. From minor repairs to major renovations, we are ready to partner with you to keep your system running smoothly. Reach out to our team today to schedule your next cleaning, repair or maintenance service.

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