Why Every Business Should Get Their Grease Trap Cleaned Regularly

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Maintaining a business requires completion of a plethora of tasks. From personnel to property to financial duties, the to-do list seems to never end. Amidst these various responsibilities, business managers can easily overlook the essential task of cleaning their grease trap. Too often, grease trap maintenance in Erie County, NY is overlooked and neglected. This can prove disastrous.

If your business has a grease trap, consider the following reasons to keep up with regular cleanings. Neglecting this task can cause:

  • Offensive odors: Bad smells are not conducive to restaurant business. When customers are turned off by unpleasant smells, they are unlikely to return for another meal. A grease trap that is not cleaned regularly fills up with food particles, which start to break down and deteriorate. This process creates bad odors that can build up quickly. The smells then travel back up the pipe and into the restaurant.
  • Tank damage: When a grease trap is not cleaned out regularly, hazardous hydrogen sulfur gas can build up as a result of the decaying process. This creates sulfuric acid. This toxic element can cause damage to your grease trap tank system. If you don’t wait too long between cleanings, you can avoid this gas and acid buildup.
  • Increased labor: When grease traps are cleaned regularly, the job is easier. If you allow food particles to settle and harden, they can create a nearly permanent mass that is impossible to clean. Don’t let anything remain in your system very long. Clean it regularly, so each time it is a simple, quick job.
  • Health department fines: If you are not performing proper grease trap maintenance in Erie County, NY, you may fail a municipal or regional health test. An overfull tank can allow fats, oils and greases to mass into the municipal sewer. To ensure your tank is ready for the next inspection, keep up with regular cleanings and avoid fines.
  • More headaches: A clogged drain can back up your business in more than one way. A clean grease trap helps keep your entire drain system flowing more smoothly. You’ll suffer more clogged sinks and dishwashers if you don’t clean your trap frequently. With regular cleanings, you’ll enjoy better overall operations. This will save time and money in the long run, making it worth the investment to perform regular cleanings.
  • Unforeseen issues: Partnering with experts for all your grease trap maintenance in Erie County, NY keeps your system well-maintained. A professional cleaning ensures your system is thoroughly empty, clear and ready for continued business. The technician will be able to detect any potential issues with your system to avoid major repairs down the line. Their expertise is an invaluable investment in your business.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of healthy grease trap maintenance in Erie County, NY. Regular cleanings are a small investment compared to the hazards that could befall your business due to a lack of regular cleaning. To keep your grease trap in top condition, contact the experts at Macken Services. We are your premier source for keeping your operations flowing smoothly.

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