Tips for Finding a Quality Provider of Septic Tank Pumping in Erie County, NY

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Are you new to septic systems, or looking for a new septic maintenance company for services? While getting recommendations from family and friends and reading through online reviews and testimonials is helpful, there are some qualities you want a company to have before you hire them to provide this service. Here are a few tips for finding a skilled provider of septic tank pumping in Erie County, NY:

  • Experience: One of the first things you should do is evaluate the company’s experience. You want to find out how long the company has been in business and how much experience they have cleaning and pumping septic tanks, as well as whether they offer septic services for residential or commercial clients. Most of the time, the longer they’ve been in business and the more experience they have, the more knowledgeable the technicians will be.
  • Insurance: Since a septic tank maintenance company has to send someone to your home or business to provide a service, you must make sure they carry general liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. These are in place to protect you, the homeowner, as much as they protect the company’s employees. This insurance is in place to void you of any responsibility should a company’s employee sustain an injury while on your property.
  • Tank location methods: It is good to know what methods the company uses to locate clients’ septic tanks. The most common methods are probe and metal detector location; however, other measures may be taken should the technician suspect that the tank will be difficult to find. If a tank is thought to be located under a patio, deck, walkway, driveway or another type of constructed surface, then a flushable electronic locator is deployed to help find the tank.
  • Equipment—hoses: Your septic tank may be located on the other side of a big lawn, hedge or garden area that you don’t want the service truck to run over. For this reason, ask the company whether their hoses are long enough to reach your tank from the street or your driveway. An experienced septic maintenance company will carry a long enough hose on their vacuum truck, but ask anyway—better safe than sorry!
  • Equipment—lids: A broken or cracked lid is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced immediately, so another question to ask is whether they bring extra lids with them. Because of the way some lids are made, their construction has little reinforcement and may break when removed. There are even lids that are sealed to the tank, and breaking them is the only way to get in. Additionally, it’s important that the company pumps and cleans clients’ tanks through the tank lid.
  • Tank inspections: Cleaning the tank is one step, but the tank pumper should also check all around the inside of the tank for cracks, leaks, invading roots and other types of damage each time the tank is cleaned.

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