The Importance of Getting Your Storm Drains Cleaned

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The purpose of storm drains is to provide a safe and efficient exit path for excess water that accumulates during bad weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall and water runoff after a snowstorm. Since they play an important role in a drainage system, they must be kept clean and clear of debris—including leaves, sticks, mud, garbage and other things—that can lead to blockages within the system.

Things you can do to keep your storm drains clean

As a property owner, it behooves you to keep your storm drains clean and clear of debris. The easiest thing one can do is clean up fallen leaves on a regular basis. This means all the leaves around your property, not just the leaves collected near storm drains, because the wind may eventually blow them toward the drains. Deal with raked-up leaves immediately—either put them in green waste bins or the compost pile, or start a controlled burn pile (if your county permits green waste burning).

Another thing you can do is clean up trash near storm drains before it finds its way into the system. Finally, trim dead branches from the trees and shrubs on your property before they break off and end up in a storm drain. Something owners of large properties might want to consider is investing in sand filter installation in Erie County, NY. We’ll talk about this more below.

How to tell if your storm drain is clogged

Flooding is a telltale sign of a clogged storm drain. This occurs because the drain system is having a difficult time keeping up with the flow of water spilling into it, and the water has no place to go other than around and over the drain. The most obvious way to tell there’s a clog somewhere in the system is seeing a large puddle forming over the spot where a storm drain should be. A specialist must be called out to locate the clog and remove it.

Get your storm drains checked

While storm drains are designed to handle floodwaters and move them safely into your city’s draining system, they require regular professional inspections and cleaning. Storm drains that are not draining properly can cause flooding during heavy rainstorms. Backups, street flooding and home flooding occur when the drains get clogged with debris and garbage, which can result in costly damage.

Sand filters and storm water quality

Sand filter installation in Erie County, NY treats the quality of storm water runoff from sizable impervious surfaces like parking lots and driveways. It’s a storm water treatment system that uses a two-component clarification system: a sediment forebay for settling large particles that are in the water, and a horizontal layer of coarse grained soil used as a screen. A sand filter can treat water from a drainage area of several acres, collecting storm water from a large area for treatment at a central filter or simply surrounding the perimeter of a watertight surface.

Don’t hesitate to contact Macken Services for more information about storm drain maintenance or sand filter installation in Erie County, NY. Our team is here to help, so call us today!

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