Common Storm Drain Cleaner Scams, and What to Look Out For!

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Having your storm drains cleaned every now and then is necessary if you want a properly functioning plumbing system in your home. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know when exactly these drains need to be cleaned. There are some sketchy folks out there who know this and are more than willing to take advantage of uninformed homeowners to make a quick buck. Keep reading to spot signs of scammers and how you can avoid these scams. First, here’s a closer look at three of the most common scams in our industry:

  • Pre-taped video: Thanks to robots and special cameras, plumbing contractors can get live video of your pipes to see what’s causing a clog. It’s incredible technology that’s really helpful in both diagnosing and fixing clogs. Unfortunately, scammers out there have figured out that they can show unknowing homeowners a previously recorded video of a clogged pipe and say that it’s their pipe. You could watch a video thinking you have a massive clog, when in reality, your pipes are clear. Make sure any video you watch is a live video of your pipes and not another homeowner’s.
  • Fake evidence: A scammer can take advantage of you without using any high-tech cameras. They can do things like sprinkle dirt or debris on your basement floor and say that it’s caused by a clogged storm drain. Never take someone’s word at face value. Always do your own research before signing up for a storm drain cleaning service.
  • Collecting money and fleeing: Getting payment for a job and never showing up to complete the job is one of the easiest tricks in the book! Never, under any circumstances, pay for storm drain cleaning in Erie County, NY before the job is complete.

How can you avoid falling victim to one of these shady practices? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you seek out a service provider:

  • Check backgrounds: Checking a company’s background is easier than ever. There are tons of websites that have customer reviews for contractors in your area. You can also check the Better Business Bureau website to learn more about a contractor. If the company has a lot of bad reviews, you’d be well advised to stay away from them.
  • Get multiple opinions: Before you agree to let a company clean your storm drains, be sure to get a second opinion from another contractor (or maybe even more than one). The chances that one unscrupulous company tries to scam you aren’t too high, but the odds that two companies will try to scam you are even lower!
  • Do your own research: Thanks to the internet, it’s super easy to research all sorts of things from the comfort of your own home. Do a quick Google search to learn some common signs that your drains need to be cleaned. If a sketchy company presents evidence that you haven’t read about online, it’s probably best to avoid hiring the contractor.

If you’ve found that you need storm drain cleaning in Erie County, NY, pick up the phone and give Macken Services a call. We have fabulous online reviews and hundreds of satisfied customers across our service area. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the high-quality customer service we offer all of our clients!

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