How to Tell If You Need Storm Drain Cleaning in Lancaster, NY

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Most people know that it’s important to keep their gutters clean and clear of debris, but there are some other aspects of home and yard maintenance that are often forgotten about. Cleaning out your storm drains is another chore that should be completed on a regular basis in order to prepare your house for heavy rain and fallen debris. When it rains, storm drains—grated openings on or adjacent to your property—divert water to a designated overflow site so that your yard doesn’t flood and lead to water damage and flooding in your home. It’s important to be aware of the importance of storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY and how often this service should be done.

The importance of cleaning storm drains

Even though the city that you get your water from is responsible for maintaining drainage systems that run from shared streets to collection basins, homeowners have the responsibility to keep the drainage systems that run from their homes to the streets well maintained. Storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY is a necessary service that the homeowner is tasked with completing.

Failing to keep storm drains cleaned can lead to a long list of issues and complications. During the fall, when rainfall is often the heaviest, there are also a lot of debris, fallen branches and leaves that can accumulate around your home. This debris can build up on your storm drain and restrict the flow of water. When this happens, it can flood your home, damage your foundation and cause other costly issues on your property.

Frequency of cleaning

In general, storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY can be scheduled on a regular basis, once a year, in order to prevent most of the major problems associated with storm drain obstructions. However, you might find that you need more frequent cleaning depending on your specific circumstances and how quickly debris seems to be clogging your storm drain.

Since a lot of storm drain obstructions can accumulate in the drain below the surface, it’s important to have this service done by a professional team. Experienced storm drain service providers have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get to these hard-to-reach clogs and they can ensure that everything is draining as it should be. Make sure to schedule a fall storm drain cleaning and contact professionals if you think you might need another service visit in addition to your annual cleaning.

At Macken Services, we understand how important it is to keep up with regular storm drain cleaning in Lancaster, NY. That’s why we have been providing exceptional service, including storm drain cleaning, to our residential and commercial customers for nearly 50 years. We have built up a legacy of trust, quality and professionalism, and we continue to deliver the best service possible to every one of the customers we have the opportunity to serve. For assistance with septic installation or pumping, land grading or storm drain cleaning, simply contact our experienced team of professionals for high quality service that you can rely on.

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