The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning in Lancaster, NY

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If your home or business has a septic tank, you likely don’t give it too much thought—that is, until something bad happens and you suddenly have sewage backing into your house! It’s understandable that most people forget about their septic system, but it’s crucial that you remember to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance of your septic tank every year or so to avoid a disastrous, smelly situation.

Septic tank cleaning in Lancaster, NY is extremely important to both the longevity of your septic tank and the health of you and your family. If septic tanks are not cleaned according to schedule, they run the risk of overflowing and spilling wastewater into your yard. Remember to call your local septic system service provider approximately once a year to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned.

How your septic tank works

To best understand the importance of cleaning your septic tank, you need to first understand how your septic tank works. The system is made up of a few connected pieces.

First, a drainage pipe will send all of the wastewater from your home or building to your septic tank. This tank is typically made of concrete and holds bacteria inside. Once the wastewater is inside, the bacteria will begin to break down all of the solids, creating three layers. The bottom layer is called sludge, and is made of inorganic solid waste. The top layer, scum, is made of organic solids. In between those two is the effluent layer, which is liquid that will be treated and expelled from the tank.

Over time, as the sludge and scum accumulate in the tank, effluent is sent out of the tank and is treated by a leaching system before being expelled into drain fields. The sludge and scum stay inside the tank.

Why septic tank cleaning is so important

When the sludge and scum in your tank really start to build up, this is when septic tank cleaning in Lancaster, NY enters the picture. Eventually, the solid waste will become too much for the tank to hold. This is when you should have your tank cleaned to remove the waste.

If you fail to have the tank cleaned, several things could happen. It could become damaged and require replacement, which can be extremely expensive. It also could begin expelling untreated solid waste into your home or yard, posing serious health risks to you, your family and your community.

Also, if you fail to maintain your septic system for a long time, your property value could decrease due to failing inspections if you’re trying to sell or reassess the value. You may also be required to replace the system at this time.

Stay up to date on septic tank cleaning

Do you require septic tank cleaning in Lancaster, NY? For nearly 50 years, Macken Services has been a reliable and trustworthy provider of residential and commercial septic tank services. There’s no company you should trust more to install, maintain, repair and replace your septic system! Our years of experience allow us to handle every aspect of the job, so you’ll always know your system is in good hands. Call us today to secure a free estimate!

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