7 Questions a Home Buyer Should Ask About a Septic System

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More often than not, homeowners won’t have any problems with septic systems. However, before you purchase a home with a septic system, it is important to equip yourself with information regarding the system to ensure you aren’t out more money than necessary and for future reference if you do purchase the property. #1: Where Is the Septic Tank Located? If you are not familiar with the property, the location of the septic tank is one of the most important questions to ask the previous homeowner or realtor. You need to know where the septic tank is located for when you... View Article

Commercial Plumbing Services

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Macken Services in Lancaster, NY, is the premier provider of commercial plumbing services in western New York. Commercial plumbing often undergoes far more wear and tear than residential plumbing. People use the facilities and plumbing services with no particular regard to maintaining a clean plumbing system. The general disregard for plumbing conditions makes it easy for system problems to arise quickly. You might have a clogged sink, toilet, or pipes that you need rapid clog removal. You also might have a more serious problem, such as a broken pipe that needs emergency plumbing repair. We can take care of virtually any emergency... View Article

Septic Inspections: What to Know About a Septic System Inspection

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If you own a home with a septic tank, you need to know how inspection works. For starters, you cannot just get anyone to inspect your septic tank. The person doing the job needs to be licensed and experienced. That’s the only way to be sure the inspection is done correctly. Let’s take a look at how septic system inspections work and why they are important. Two Types of Septic Inspections There are two types of septic tank inspections, as discussed below. Visual Inspection A visual inspection is basic. The inspector checks how old the system is and its maintenance... View Article

How Much Does a Septic Tank Installation Cost?

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A septic system is a crucial part of any home not connected to a municipal sewer system. Septic systems are designed to treat and dispose of household wastewater in an environmentally friendly way. If you’re looking to install a new septic tank on your property, it’s only natural that you’d want to learn about the costs. That way, you can budget as necessary and avoid any unwanted surprises. Septic tank install costs vary depending on type, size, labor needed, etc. We’ll discuss the factors that can affect your septic tank installation costs in 2022 and give you a general idea... View Article

Septic Do’s & Dont’s

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As a homeowner, you already understand that your septic tank is a critical component of your property. You should always be ready to take steps to keep your septic performing at optimum levels. However, to accomplish this essential objective, it’s necessary to understand septic tank dos and don’ts.  What Are Septic Tank Dos? The first step is to schedule regular pumping service for your septic tank. While the average septic should be pumped once every three to five years, the specific pumping schedule will be determined by the size of your tank and the amount of water and waste run... View Article