Important Reasons to Schedule Annual Storm Drain Cleaning

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As a home or business owner, it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your property and covering the little things in addition to the big things. One of the most commonly overlooked elements of property care is storm drain maintenance. Partnering with a local storm drain cleaning service in Lancaster, NY will ensure this crucial job gets done right. A storm drain that goes unattended could have issues with buildup of sediment or debris that could restrict the flow of water, resulting in flooding in the surrounding area because the drainage system will easily get backed up. These... View Article

Five Types of Septic System Filters

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A septic system is a natural way to treat wastewater, separate the solids and allow the treated water to return to the groundwater system. If you’re new to septic systems, you might not realize that there are several ways to filter the water after the solids have been separated. Learning more about septic systems will help you choose the best septic system filter for your Lancaster, NY home or business. Here is an overview of the most common septic system filtration types. Conventional: Conventional systems are the most common type of household septic systems, and they may be suitable for... View Article

Everything You Should Know About Maintaining a Commercial Septic System

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Commercial septic systems are crucial pieces of infrastructure in commercial settings for waste treatment and disposal. If your commercial building is running on a septic system rather than the municipal sewer system, you’ll need to know how your system works and what you need to do to keep it in good condition. Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining a commercial septic tank system at your Lancaster, NY property. Which properties are likely to have septic systems? Commercial septic systems are necessary for use with commercial buildings located in areas without public sewer access. This is more likely to... View Article

Seven Things Every Sewage Pump Owner Should Know

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Are you buying a home with a septic system? If you’ve never had to deal with septic tanks and sewage pumps before, it’s important to understand how they work and what you can do to extend their lifespan. Read on to learn what you need to know about your sewage pump, and how to choose the best one for your home in Lancaster, NY: Get the right pump: Purchase your sewage pump from a licensed distributor—this is one time you shouldn’t rely on big box stores to have what you need. A septic contractor can help you select and install... View Article

Ways to Maintain Your Septic Tank to Prevent a Smelly Holiday

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Having family over for the holidays can go from being a jolly time to a smelly disaster in a matter of minutes if your septic tank fails. If you’re planning family visits in Lancaster, NY this season, be sure to keep reading. This post will cover the top ways to prevent septic failure and avoid any nasty odors inside your home. Let guests know about your septic tank We recommend letting your guests know that your home runs on a septic system as soon as they arrive. Guests are less likely to treat the toilet like a trash can if... View Article